AI Digital Signage 

  • Effective interactive content and technology enables business users, or deployers, to learn about their customers while showcasing their brands.

  • Digital displays are no longer the passive carriers of content. IoT devices are allowing displays to make content decisions in real time, while providing deployers with a treasure trove of data.

  • One of the main areas where the combination of IoT and digital signage truly shines is in retail.

  • The leap to digital is happening at an exponential rate and retailers are looking for new, creative avenues to positively enhance the customer experience.


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of Achievements

dynamic targeting

Based on Audiences Imprecision Metrics 

TOUCHims AI Solutions be used to anonymously gauge the effectiveness of displayed content by measuring how much time people spend looking at your onsite displays with the same advantages of rich online data analysis .

This allows businesses to tailor instore content based on audience behavior and characteristics, helping to display the most appropriate message to the right person or group of people. Also can use it as pre-campaigns testing channel measuring the respond within a focus group of target customers.

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