Digital studios

  • Combining masterful artistry and storytelling with groundbreaking technology, TOUCHims Creative Studios is a ads-maker-driven digital studios responsible for creating some of the most beloved advertisements ever made.

production services

  • Generate rigged character models for use in advertisement scenarios. Editing, audio, motion graphics, and advanced color grading to deliver every pixel closer to perfection.

  • Working with the world’s biggest brands and agency networks. Moreover, our team offer the most innovative business minds advertising consultancy for the region and beyond. while we also provide one of the most respected and expansive digital content offerings in the industry.

  • Up-To-Date Cinematic shooting Cameras with 4K output resolution. Advanced Lighting control systems for outdoor/indoor tough shooting  scenarios.

  • The ever-expanding facilities offered by our Cairo, Riyadh and Dubai teams include five in-house digital designs studios, plus market research capabilities and full brand consultancy services.

  • Provides services of complex sound production. We create music, sound effects and voice over records for video games, movies, trailers, advertising and other media projects.

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Creativity Spark Daily

  • At TOUCHims Studios, our creative teamwork continually enhance their development, learning, and creative growth through a wide variety of inspirational resources, from costume drawing instruction by our own artists, to seminars on film making techniques by masters of the craft, to technological demonstrations from show-business top niche experts to brainstorming focus groups.

  • Maintaining a work-life balance is important and we’ve created an environment that reflects that philosophy. In short, our people make our films great, and we strive to build a culture that feeds and respects the creative spirit.

Digital Age challenging 

Guess what ?! We Win...

We accepted the challenge to integrate the digital media content creativity designing process with the fully automated AI marketing system in simple online workflow with unique deliverables for every single advertising campaign in the most affordable prices for almost any business size.

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